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SOT Help

Below, you will find a collection of files/ code examples that we want to 'give away' for FREE!!!
We are also working heavily on c# .NET applications (see the .NET Development section) so stay tuned...

For applications that require registration codes, please install and obtain the code from our registration page...

Download Reset Schedule

 Windows Mobile Reset Scheduler  - Current version is 1.0.1.
 A Windows Mobile application to schedule automatic resets on your Pocket PC. Compatible with 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.
Uses the Notification queue so the application is not constantly running. Please note that this is waterfall development product so please let us know of any bugs! This new release includes automatic online upgrades.
The ZIP file contains an MSI PC installer that will use ActiveSync to complete the move to your device. If you prefer to download the CAB file directly, the shortcut URL is here.
Screenshots: WM5 / WM 2003

Download RSS Feed

 .NET RSS Example
 Example C# .NET code that collects RSS information and publishes it to a User Control.
See .NET Development for a working example.

Download Service

 GibbsUSA.net Service  - Current version is 4.1.5.
 Similar to MS Messenger, now you can have your personal links constantly with you. This little application allows polling to the site to obtain your links and sits in the system tray. Uses XML services and allows customizable polling options for offline functionality.
New features include 'Launch URL', 'Google Search' and a 'Recent Sites' list.
Click here to view the online help/ documentation for this application.

Download Screensaver

 GibbsUSA.net Screensaver
 The official **FREE** GibbsUSA.net screensaver. See the story of SOT!
 Preview the screensaver here...

Download Suzuki Katana Pocket PC Theme

 Suzuki Katana Pocket PC Theme
 Just a bit of fun for the Pocket PC 2002. See a preview of the theme here...

Download CG VB Functions

 CG VB Functions
 A DLL and source code with numerous Visual Basic functions (requires the VB6 runtimes). Functions include: Bitmap, Date, Calendar, About, Encryption, MDI, Registry, Form and Win32 functions. The help file within the zip is somewhat old but does give examples of use (note, some of the functions mentioned in the help file have been removed in this freeware version).

Download Simple ASP Search

 Simple ASP Search
 One of my most popular downloads. Written in 1996, this simple ASP page can search through your site's web pages (without the need for a database). You change the look and feel as you see fit- all we ask is that the copyright link at the bottom is kept!

Download Doc To HTML

 Document To HTML Converter  - Current version is 2.4.
 Another popular download. This word document contains macros that will convert large word documents (with Headings etc.) into formatted HTML web pages- it will create a table of contents page etc. Read the text in the document for instructions. Again, this program requires registration which is now free (registration codes can be obtained here)! Also note that this uses the HTML converter supplied by Microsoft on the Office installation (under converters) for Word 97 (this is not required for Word 2000 or above).

Download Risk for Psion Series 3

 Risk for the Psion Series 3  - Current version is 101b.
 Risk for the Psion Series 3 PDA. Registration codes can be obtained here.

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